Load Up the Car and Go!


 I have met so many people on EP that I'd like to meet in person. I love all of you too! I wish I could pull out a big map, mark my route, and take off.    My first stop would be to Pittsburgh to pick up my friend Ablmu65. He would definitely want to go on this adventure. We'd swing by drcynic's place so I could get a REAL HUG and take him out to dinner. We'd ask to see some of his comedic talent of course and if he wasn't opposed to long drives invite him along. Next we'd visit Wading. We’d need a photographer to document all the beautiful scenery and the candid photos that we can make into a huge album. He’d hop in the back seat! We’d surprise mysplitpersonality with an awesome babysitter and take her shopping, get her a massage, then send her off with a hot cabana boy at a cushy resort for the weekend. Curiositykitten would be tickled when we popped in and offered her a ride to see Bleedinglovelust. We’d show up with tons of new shoes and a privately funded male nurse by the name of Francois. After spreading our cheer we’d stop for gas and run into Ihaveanameitsrick at the truck stop. He’d recognize us and give us a heads up on all the state trooper speed traps. Dimples87 would probably have heard about our travels by now and will be waiting at the next stop as we pull into madmanmo’s. We’d all jump on his hospital bed and play with the controller until he can’t stop laughing. Ohnudeone will most likely be at the nude beach so we’d have to put all fears aside and leave the clothes in the car. It will not be easy but once we see people of all shapes and sizes it will be fine. Drcynic and I take a shot of some Vodka while Ablmu passes on the drink and opts for some very dark sunglasses. Wading will already be running ahead with instructions to only take pictures of everyone’s FACES! I hear a devilish giggle as he turns and aims the camera slightly below my neck. After burning parts that have not seen sunshine in years we get dressed and head for acgreennight’s house. He is waiting for us with the barbecue grill turned on! Woo hoo a picnic! Redman pulls in the driveway and we all look up at him as he steps out of the car. Whoa is he tall! CPAGuy is in the middle of doing taxes but takes a break when we pull up to his office. He tucks a pencil behind his ear and joins us for a walk in the park. Boy the sun sure is bright in California. Our car decides to bite the dust so we decide to fly to the next three stops. First is to see Shoreguyct on the coast. We grab his suitcase and wheel his chair to our private jet to see Just4play and TheRealWoman. Shoreguy is so excited to get out and see the sites in the UK and Australia. We take lots of pictures of kangaroos and listen to some awesome music as we plan our trip back to the states. By the time we get home, Drcynic and Shoreguy have managed to get a double date with very gorgeous twin stewardesses who offered to drive them back home and Wading is extremely jealous. Shoreguy thanks us for the marvelous time and waves goodbye as we take our rent-a-car the rest of the way home. Wading promises to only post tasteful pictures on EP and runs excitedly into his house. I drop Ablmu off and hug his wife and kids before I leave. By the time I get home, there are already stories and photos posted from our trip on EP. One photo has been flagged as inappropriate. Most likely the one from the beach!   Whew…..that was fun!  

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Oh sweetie you already have me LOL so hard I almost have to pee. It would be the trip of a life time. You know you could hook my bed to the back of your car, there's 2 things in life I don't wanna miss a nude beach ( I don't know if any of our Aussie friends have been to Christmas Beach 1 beach north of Coogee it's just what we're looking for) and a good BBQ! You are the best!! Story of the year!! got my vote.

Okay Okay too cute!!! I'm packed and waiting... wait, if I get to go where you say I'm not packin' anything but the b-day suit! *wink*<br />
<br />
smooches and hugs and thanks for an early morning smile darlin

i was planning to have an EP party at one time but i ended up cancelling the whole thing due to apathy

That just gives me a better view

Taller than me, ablmu and wade! We're all shorties!

Very Good.. I'm not that tall LOL just 6'

Darlin, the sun block is out and waiting for you. That was a great tale. Very creative. Reminded me of the story about the mermaid who left her harp at Sam Clams Disco.

i could do that!

It would be great if you moved to the states TRW!

Will you honk the horn for me? I just love the sound of a big trucks horn!

well if you'll drive slow enough for me to keep up i'll just follow in my truck LOL

Hahahah, sweet! Soon, maybe you won't have to come so far to see me. :)

Sorry Rick! Next time I will rent a stretch limo so we can fit more people. My car is way too small!!!!!! Hugs!

Only in my dreams, lol. I would definately be in for a long drive. I love travel.

LMAO! ROTFL! This story has me very entertained and it tickled my funny bone like nothing else I'd ever read here on EP. Great story because it's very expressive and it'll be a fun road trip.

sounds like a fun time wish i could join in for more than a report on the smokey situation LOL