After The First Year.....!!

Yes it has been over a year now since I took my first taste of fem hormones plus the good old T blockers which are necessary to make things work...After several weeks I started to feel different and noticed that my chest was feeling a bit sore due to the fact that breast growth was slowly taking place...I was a healthy 162 lb.person at that time..
During the year I had been almost right on time regular taking the meds as I wanted to see results but knew that I had to have patience as Rome wasn't built in one day.....During the year many changes occured including all that was suppose to happen under the influence of the hormones...I now have smoother skin,very little body hair,failed to get electrolosis treatments started,have dropped my weight to 138 lbs..and I see that my over all frame is slowly re-shaping itself with small breasts for now.....Happy,yes and at last there is something to look forward to....
The only problem I have now is to maintain my supply of meds to keep my HRT going and the money to do so..otherwise,I've not had any problems or issues and I will continue as long as I am able...Being slightly over 65 with a 25 year olds mind set is great but physically I know now that I should have started all of this many years ago when younger had I known about all the technology available,but,its never too late......Every day is a new day..!

Eryn Eryn
61-65, T
5 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Hmmm interesting I didn't remember I wrote this but who erver picks it up and reads it I am now in my 3rd year on HRT ...We all need patience...

Thanks all...What type of herbals would you suggest..after all hormones come from plants..I know of sevearl but may not be able to get them where I live...!

and every day is a better day in femme life i wish alll the best m ydear ladie

great hope yo as you make it the way u want me i am 72 and really to late only have tiny 38b boobs

Thanks Charlene,.....I'd suggest checking out ....DOITYOURSELFHORMONES.COM and do some research....They have a list of available do your reading and if you have other questions then get back with me...Its a very slow process but I'm sticking by my committments.....

some ladies here on Ep suggemt after few years on herbal route your body mor ean dmore feminine ,now iam 2years on herbal route ,i have softly skin,bigger breats alittle but progress go on,,, and woman brain ...have feminine charm ,,,and iam speaking like woman ..and iam fine as i am