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Vacation is a time to relax and not have to worry about anything, let everything go, all stress and caos in our life is all released... until the trip home. Me and my friend go on vacation together every year to the same hotel and everything becasue our grandparents were part of this club in our town and the people who run it, give us a room. Its a really nice hotel rite on the beach and next to a board walk. Me and my friend Marisa counted down 3 weeks till we go.. can you imagine that i'm going tomorrow already! Except she dosnt like to miss school so shes going thursday after scool, sucks for her. Time went by so fast.. the vacation is probably gonna go by even fast which also sucks. Plus our other friend danielle, her dad was also part of the club. She was supposed to go to where we were going, but as a girlscout, so she would sleep in tents on the beach, away from us. Danielle decides, oh let my interfer with marisa and julies time and go to there hotel. So now shes coming, but thursday morning before school. Plus, she has her period, danielle already has an attitude problem so piled up with more **** she has to say before she thinks about it. Marisa on the other hand was excited to go and so was I, but now she complains about how danielles gonna ruin our time and being all negative. im just not acknowledging what shes saying becuase first of all, were not even down there yet and second of all, just ignore danielle if shes being a ***** to me and you. Marisa is also whining about how were gonna leave each other out and make plans without each other, like wtf. She wants to wake up every morning and run outside, like no its a vacation. Me and danielle said were gonna walk around the hotel at night in swet pants n a tank, just having fun when everyones asleep. marisa has to start bullshit and say my mom wouldnt let me go anyway, its a stupid idea. Like stfu. She thinks shes fat, shes self concious about her size when she dosnt even have roles or anything. shes the sycho one, not me. Just becuase i like to go to the gym cuz its fun. I dont want to sit on my *** all day in front of the tv and how i only have a granola bar at lunch is cuz im not hungry and what im i supposed to bring a full course meal or chips.. so annoying. Anyway, off topic lol. Hopefully the vacation turns out to be fun, i dont care if they argue or leave me out. Were missing school, so im just going to relax and tan and enjoy myself and not let anyone stress me out. Wish me luck.
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May 15, 2012