I Would Like to Go Out On a Date

 i would like to go out on a date,but each time i asked.the reply was no. i first asked a girl out when i was 15 years old .she said no .so i did not ask a girl out again,till i was 26 years old ,and she said no,i asked again when i was 38 years old .again no.so i tryed again for the last time,at 41 years old ,again no joy.so i gave up trying.i will be 58 in sept.i did ask for a blind date .on a tv show i did in nov 2008 as the tv show was to be taken off the air .by aug this year.i would like to do a date ,the way it should be done.it means no sex and no kissing.it would only be wine and dine only.and talking lots of talking.i do not like football  i love music and history. wine and eating out .and going for drives.i am the last dodo left.i have been told i live in the wrong century.so i have tryed 4 times to go out on a date .in 42 years  with no joy.

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If I lived near, I would go out on a date with you. Or you could buy me a plane ticket. ;)

Why all the drama? Just go ask someone out on a date. If they say no, don't sweat it. Try somebody else. You are cheating yourself out of finding someone who can make you happy. You are your own worst enemy. Men get told no all the time. Hell, if I said yes to every man who asked me, I'd be tired out. Women are selective. We are. Stop dating Rosie Palm and her five sisters (your hand). Go out and ask someone out. Try dinner or lunch or coffee at a shop. Don't over blow it with a bunch of drama.

I don't think you live in the wrong century. But, I do think you limit yourself. <br />
<br />
I've been rejected by women before. So what. I move on and find another woman that I am interested in and ask her out. I kept doing it enough til one day I met the love of my life at the grocery store. She is many, many years young than I am (over a decade). She is a different race than I am. I'm white, she is black. So what. She is absolutely beautiful and has the greatest smile. I just knew when I saw her in the store that I had to meet her. So I walked right up to her and said hello. We talked about different olive oils and I asked her out. <br />
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Now, we've been together for years. I love her dearly and she loves me. Even though she's a strong independent woman, she likes me to do the things that men do. I'm no spring chicken but I feel like a teenager around her. She makes me feel wonderful.

This may help get over your fear of rejection. I'll recommend that you read the book How to Succeed with Women by Ron Louis and David Copeland.

thanks for the comments from you all.

Okay man I have not been following your stories or comments but after reading this I find I have to open my big mouth.<br />
When, as a callow youth, I was employed as an insurance agent/salesman I was sent to a training seminar. The gist of the training was "Don't accept a no. Don't give up. You must be able to take ten "nos" in a row if you hope to make the sale".<br />
So ... I suggest you adopt that approach. If you really want to connect with a woman be persistent. Ten may be too many “nos” but giving up after only one attempt and only make the effort 4 times in your life was certain to leave you alone.<br />
Take the risk, rejection is painful but if you don't take a chance you can't win the prize. It is after all, the only game in town so you might as well play. It’s not as if losing puts you out of the running. Each rejection/loss is one more step toward winning the hand of a fine woman eventually.<br />
It’s never too late to fall in love. Throw away your date specs and go with the flow. A date is not a predefined event. If you want to be loved you must begin by seeing the potential in all women and then offer your affection to the lady you fancy. You get refused? Move on. There are many, many lovely, sensual, loving women out there who are searching for you but you have to engage.<br />
Go for it man.... Don't sit home alone another day!<br />
<br />
Sorry for the rant... I'll step down from my soapbox now... <br />
Good luck!

I'm glad we're friends Daniel, you've got the true heart and soul of a romantic, something not all men have. I don't know why some women play these games, complaining that men aren't romantic enough and then saying no to a gent like you. If I were in Scotland, I would say yes to a date. Since I'm not, we can be EP friends.

a real date means ,getting dressed to go to a show .but go for a meal first in scotland in a 13 cent castle.in london the south bank at london bridge.or the strand.go out for some wine .and talking.lots of talking.and for those that are married you should do this once a month.have fun.or go to a night club.you do not need to drink you can have soft drinks.for those that do not drink.

i would have loved to go out on a date with you newsoul 1 when you were in london.and i was in coventry this is only two hours away but you said no to me taking you round the sites and history of London. it is on your whiteboard .maybe when you are in london again .i will get to do so.

Oh no Daniel, I think I asked to meet you when I was in London, and you said you were busy lol

I think that u don't give your self enough Opportunities.. u waste alot of years .... 4 times in 42 years that is very little attempts .... the other was not giving up and still trying instead of being afraid of having the reply no .