Out Back And Seen By Neighbours..maybe...

One evening I had been drinking quite alot and had been dressed up to the nines in women's clothes and it was dark outside and I had been sitting having a smoke but hidden by some bushes from my neighbours.nto the house and for some reason decided that i wanted to wear some stockings and garter belt, and a camisole along with my bra and panties that i was already wearing. So I took off my blouse and skirt and duely dressed in the lovely silky cami etc. I then put on the biggest heels that I own and went out the back door to my gate and looked through the gate at people passing..it was so good feeling the night air on my panties and on my stockinged legs.

I then realised that the neighbours across the way (across the back) could probably see me quite clearly in the moonlight and I turned around and saw that their light was on and after letting the thill of them possibly seeing me pass over me I went back in the house - my heart beating wildly.


About two days later whilst out back putting the rubbish out i saw that neighbour up in her back bedroom - lights on, no curtains dressed in her undies just standing there. I wanted to stare more but was scared that it would look perverted - though i wondered if she was returning the favour of a free show!

SusanMarina SusanMarina
Feb 22, 2010