Fun With Sister Shopping

As I usually let my sister do most of my shopping I decided today since my Lil episode with are mother I would venture out and go with her so I changed into some of my favorite Jean shorts j lo and nice top and pair of pink and black addias sis was dressed similar and we go to mall first everyone looked but once I got past the stares we had such h a blast went to Victoria secret bought some short shorts and new panties then to the dress store where I found my new favorite dress its black with blue trim and really short and found the perfect heels to go with it sis bought everything and stooped for drink now just relaxing with my bff aka sister in are new shorts and tops watching a movie. I love her so much
della23 della23
26-30, M
4 Responses May 17, 2012

you're the luckiest inn the world lol i would give up a lot for that

That does sound like a fun day!

SHopping like that is the best!

Its so wonderful to be open with another woman and accepted as one of the girls...;-)