Panties Shopping

me and my teenage daughter gose panties shopping and lingerie shopping all the time .i pick out her bras and panties i want her to have and she dose the same to me. when we get home we show each other what we look like in them.
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Who has better taste?

That is so hot! My gf and I go shopping for all kinds of lingerie, some for her and yes, some for me! We usually do a fashion show but only one item gets shown and we are busy making out!

My ex wife used to take me panty shopping for the panties I would be wearing and then make sure the clerks know the panties were not for her.

This is so ******* hot shopping with daughter to buy panties and bra's. wow.

iwanna sniff ur panty/

as long i can yours


Simply wonderful!

yes it is

Wow! Lovely, just wonderful!

thank u it is fun doing it together

I'm so sure!

Thats way to cool

I would love to show my daughter how I look wearing cute little panties and I would love to see how she looks in the panties that I pick up for her

oh that is like sooo hot!!!! what do you pick out for her? :P

i pick out what i like and she pick out what she like for me