The Wind In My Hair and Bugs In My Teeth!

To me nothing can quite beat the thrill of being on two wheels at blinding speed down some open highway.It is as close to a low speed pass flying as you can get.On a motorcycle,you are not just watching the Nature go by through a passenger side window.You become part of Nature herself.You can feel the wind,smell all the smells,wake up and say ouch as you are hit by a big jine beetle at 65 m.p.h,.Duck your head for the occasional bird going by.You have no blind spots on a bike.You have a  360 degree field of view.You can hear the music of your engine singing underneath you.You relize you can be killed possibly on this wicked machine and it makes you feel alive.The jealous looks of cagers(people in cars)looking at you as if they are saying"I wish I was you!"The cool and refreshing air on a twilight run.I had many a fun time on my little Harley-Davidson Sportster.I miss you my little blue friend.And the occasional run to decarbonize the heads at 120 m.p.h. on a straight-line road running 100 octane aircraft fuel from the local airport,he he!Man those high speed runs were so much fun!

irishknight1973 irishknight1973
41-45, M
Feb 18, 2009