a couple of years ago while i was in the city with a friend of mine we went to central park. while there i saw people rollerblading on that main path that goes throgh the park. it looked like fun but the thing about it was i couldn't skate.   i keep the idea in my head for a while but the main problem was i couldn't skate and had bad memories about the last time i tried.  so one day about six years ago i skipped work and bought a pair of rollerblades.  i spent the rest of the day trying to skate the key word is trying. after a mild concusion i started to get the hang of it.  for  about three years i was on my skates every summer then i just stopped. i wasn't that good when i was skating on the regular .  latly though i've been working in the city not to far from central park and i've been thinking about why i bought the skates.  but i don't want to go alone and most of my friends aren't into rollerblading. i've thought about going alone but it be more fun with friends.    

sted sted
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1 Response May 6, 2007

Keep asking around to all your friends or even co workers. You may find someone to do that with. It sounds great actually! Thats like one of those things you get in your head that you want or have to do! Go for it!