I Did It, I Went Shopping Dressed As A Woman!

wife has been away for two days and she has previously agreed that I can get a make up lesson. Since she went away last night I have been fully enfemme (Yes a night dress aswell) and will be until midday tomorrow so roughly 36 hours.

Today I had a make up lesson and photo shoot, these went so well that when I finished I asked the girl doing the make up to just tone it down from the photo shoot make up and left the studio's still dressed in womens clothing. Nothing outrageous, d cup bra, black 40 denier tights, ballarina shoes, denim skirt and short sleeve light brown blouse with sparkles and blue flowers on it oh and obviously my wig, clip on earings and a pendant.

After leving the studio, my fist stop was in TK Max. As nobody seemed to show andy great interest in me I got bolder and after browsing a bit, had a cup of coffee in the cafe there. The young girl serving looked at me a bit odd and then nodded and just served me with a polite smile. I think they get a lot of TV/TS in there.

Bouyed up by this I went to a shopping area (out of town in town if you see what I mean) went into a shoe store and tried on several pair of shoes and boots. Then to the local chemist (boots) for some nail varnish remover and other clensing items. Again the check out girl just blinked and then smiled. On to and office suppliers, then computer shop (pc world) and finally a DiY store.

Deiding that I had had enough for one day I started home, but then started feelling hungry so called in at a large supermarket where I had yet another coffee in their cafe before buying a pie and leaving.

The last part where I drove all the way home was by far the most nerve wracking as I was still fully enfemme and needed to get in my house without being seen by neighbours. I waited to nearly full dark and then just casually drove in, fortunately nobody about so in doors safe.

Throughout the afternoons shopping I had some odd looks now and then but was largely ignored as they either just took me to be a woman or felt hey look another tranny and carried on with their day. The most daunting task was having to pay as you then need to talk direct to someone and no matter how I may look my voice is just pure Lee Marvin. Strangely enough I now feel more on edge, just in case someone comes to the door!!!!

Thats all folks



PS will post this in I want to walk through a town centre as I feel I have achieved that aswell.

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1 Response Sep 21, 2010

Would not say that I am not afraid, but having done it once am more confident that people are more accepting or too wrapped up in themselves to care. <br />
<br />
Give it a try!