Next Step...skinny Dipping In the Ocean?

I've gone skinny dipping several times in the privacy of my backyard, and already I love the sense of freedom and oneness with the water you get from swimming without a bathing suit.

But now I'm considering going down to a beach at night when no one else is around, and going swimming naked in the ocean?

Should I do it? How does it differ from skinny dipping in your own pool?

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4 Responses Aug 7, 2009

there is definetly a difference considering theres a lot more room in the ocean. but unless there are other people there I think its about the same

I really enjoy skinny dipping in my backyard pool. I have never had the opportunity go elsewhere. I want to try the ocean and a creek, swimming hole etc. I'd love to be with my lady too. Especially, someplace where you should do it. Like a hotel pool or someplace that is normally public. Like a beach with no one around.<br />
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Skinny dipping is great....Go For It.

I have been thinking about going skinny dipping for a while and am almost at the verge of doing it...It has been on my mind for a long time and I want to make it happen.<br />
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I welcome and suggestions or comments.<br />
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Yea go for it,I have in the past(when I used to live near the sea) its so different skinny dipping in the sea,you are more at one with nature.I have not done it at night.I was at a beach once not many people were about so I went down to a breaker,looked around took off my shorts and in I went,a few minutes later some people walked by,I thought too late now,however if they did see me naked I would not have minded,anyway to save them any embassment,I waited till they had gone before I came out,I have been skinny dipping near where I live in May/June this Year,I live in UK,and that was in a river when no-one goe's,I just like the freedom of water all over with not having to dry swim shorts,Once you have done it you want to do it again and again!!