Lake Michigan

This past summer my wife and I took a trip to Michigan, and stopped at the lake on the way. It was the middle of the week and few people were there; I coaxed her out to the buoy and we started to fool around.

I dove under and came up between her legs...and gave her a wet underwater kiss. When I came up for air, she reached into my shorts and teased me, then swam away. She let me catch her and we continued fondling and kissing, she wrapped her legs around me and rubbed against me in time with the lake swells (and mine).

When we got back out toward the buoy (not quite chest deep for me), she dove under water and pulled my shorts down all the way, and gave me an underwater kiss on my 'head.' Sadly, she can't hold her breath as long as I can. She came back up for air and held onto my shorts, leaving me free in the lake and it felt soooo good. I couldn't get her to take off her suit (she had on a one piece) but she did move some of the fabric around for me. Although we couldn't quite get the rythym right that deep in the water, eventually she relieved me--all the while both of us looking around to see if we'd get caught.

I can't wait for summer again!

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Mar 3, 2010