I Always Go

Every year there are several pride festivals in my area and I always go to at least one of them. I feel it's my duty and a way to support the local LGBT organizations, but It's never as much fun for me as you might think. They're usually during the day in warm weather and there are few trannies who show up (not counting drag queens who generally won't even talk to me).
And the gay crowd really isn't all that friendly to tyrannies, everyone smiles and says hi but few will have a real conversation. But I know quite a fe gay guys and lesbians in my area and they're friendly to me and a few of my tranny friends usually show up at some point. The highlight is that after awhile all my trans friends end up in a gay bar and ge to hang out, which doesn't happen much during the day.
But I've never met anyone ona hookup at pride, ever,it's totally a social thing.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

I always go when we have one but the crowd that's there just want be with people they know so it's very cliquish and not really a lot of fun unless your friends go. Have always wondered why this is.

I know,it's weird love meeting new people here in KC have competed in the gay rodeo a couple of times and know one talks, could be because I alway dress for it, never know its just odd. Always do barrels no animals involved all that roping of cows is just mean to me so won't participate in it.