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My Glory Hole Adventure

So my friend took me to an Inserection that has video booths that have glory holes. By the way Inserection is an adult "toy" store.

So he paid our fee to get in and we went in. Its kinda like a maze of doors. Some are open and others are closed. We went into an open booth and a guy was in the adjacent booth and so he watched my friend play with my breasts and then the guy beckoned for me to come here and he played with my breast, then he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked. I think my milk was a welcome surprise because the way he was latched on became more intense. He drank his fill then wanted me to suck his nipples which I gladly did then I sucked his **** and he came in my mouth. As I was sucking his **** my friend was behind me showering my body with kisses and playing with my breasts. After that we heard the adjacent booth door open and close many times but my attention at the moment was focused on my friend.

He nursed me, we made out, he spanked me a little, then I sucked and jerked him off. People would peek into our booth via the gloryhole as we enjoyed each other. Then a guy came into the other booth and watched for a bit then beckoned me over I came over to the hole and let him tug on my breasts. Then he put his **** into the hole and I happily sucked his **** as well as my friend sucking him off as well. Then he pulled away and I stood up. Then his hand came thru the hole and made a beeline for my jeans. So I quickly undid my jeans and the guy fingered my *****. He could tell that I was enjoying it because the heels I was wearing were clicking rapidly against the floor as he moved his hand and fingered me. Then he stated that he wanted to **** me. So I took one of the condoms my friend had brought in with him and tried to put it on him. I thought the condom was defective so I tried another one. Still had problems but we got it on but the condom was obviously too small for him. I backed up to the hole and he tried to push his **** in but it didn't work. So I spread my legs a little wider but still no go though I could feel him pumping his **** in and out of the hole. He stated that he wanted to come to our booth to **** me but I wasn't comfortable with that.

So the guy left the booth and my friend and I relaxed and then got dressed and went and looked upstairs which is where the sex toys were. We looked around for a bit then we left and  grabbed some lunch and came back to my place and had a quiet lunch before he had to leave to go to work.
angelidevil angelidevil 22-25, F 9 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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I have experienced numerous glory holes holes and have enjoyed every encounter. I love going with a GF then when the fun is over return home to my hubby and not let on what I've been up to... I have had luck with full insertion but the man has to be extremely gifted for it to work.

Next time you may want to go for the real thing, not bother with the condoms and just put your holes against the glory hole and let the guy **** you bareback

I don't do bareback sex.

pity as it would be such a wondrful exchange of "milk"

HOT story!!

I've been your fan for some time now, I'd REALLY like to be your friend! PLEASE accept me as your friend...

Thanks LOADS!!

You are such a naughty little minx! I love it. I need to visit that glory hole you go to.

Come visit that glory hole and put your **** through the hole in the wall so that I can suck you off and you *** in my mouth.

I believe I was both at work and then spending the night with a one of my friends having that done to me and much more, but it was not on the otherside of a wall. I'm sensing a ROAD TRIP!!

Come on down!!!!

add me please to see your glory hole

Great story. you are so so sexy! I want to be in that booth with you :)

Thanks for liking the story and for also thinking I am sexy hun :)

Cool Story I'd love 2 check out A place like that , never new they had such A place babe !!

You kinda have to search around your town and neighboring areas to find areas where you can go "play".

Thanks 4 the nice reply Baby & I'm just not much of A writer & I cant spell or type worth A damn . I'd love 2 see U'r Sweet BooBs Baby Please add me , Thanks Baby !!

Now that is a very hot story, I would enjoy watching you suck on a **** sticking through the after another!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Your welcome hun and I am so glad that you enjoyed the story.

That's a really hot story. Wish I knew when you were going back. Sounds like a lot of fun.

It was a lot of fun and hopefully I'll be going back soon ;)