The Masquerade Ball With A Difference.....

I would love to go to or host a masquerade ball.  Oh it would be a very sumptuous event and the venue would just be perfect decorated with flowers and candles in an ornamental environment having prepared for it weeks/months in advance.  I would wear the most exquisite dress, shoes and lingerie for the evening, a true Cinderella evening.  My makeup would be just perfect and everyone would mingle and have the time of their lives ! 

This Ball would be one with a difference though, I would invite everyone to this grand event but the only condition is you must wear a dress or a ball gown........
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6 Responses Jun 4, 2011

i would love to attend a ball wearing formal ball gown my best wig and highest heels and my make up.

And I'll bet you just look beautiful too xxx

I too would love to attend your Ball , cant wait for the invitation

Oh, I have to agree, too. Sounds like fun.

How could it not be. Belle of the Ball everywhere you look :)

This event sounds terrific, I would love to attend.<br />
I have the ball gown and the lingerie.

sounds wonderful hope i am invited.

I would be there in a heart beat every one in gowns mmm heaven please an invite i will travel