What Kind?

Anyone who knows me knows I'd have to go to a nudist resort to be truly comfortable and relaxed. To go where I like around the resort and not have to bring anything except a towel and maybe some sunscreen.

hadakarei hadakarei
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7 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I have been to a nudist resort on 2 occasions and it was great. There is one in Crownsville, MD that I would love to visit, but I'm in need of a female companion. If you live in the area maybe you could go with me. It is called Pine Tree Associates if you would like to check it out.

What year did you go to Club O, and how did you like it? I was there a couple of times before the big storm.

I'm not doing THAT well financially.......

I inspect properties for business reasons. Just yesterday I had a job for some privately owned rural land. As it turned out it was a group of home owners who created a clothing optional neighborhood next door to a nudist resort. One of the houses is for sale. I was tempted but like you hadakarei, I like my private secluded Hill Country acerage. And I can't afford a second house. Care to split the cost on a second home by a nudist resort hadakarei?

I went to Club Orient for a week as a high school graduation present.

That is completely true. I have been there and there other resorts which I have not visited which have the same type of offering!

A great idea and a wonderful adventure indeed!