..and One Day I Will..

I want to go to Africa, and I know one day I will make that dream come true.  I feel like it would be another life changing and humbling experience (which is what I live for), to visit the country.  I think that sometimes, we as Americans, forget how blessed we truly are to live in the land of freedom.  I know that being able to see, how one little baby doll can change and be cherished, by not one but maybe a pair of sisters in one of Africa's orphanages would be the most humbling and heart warming experiences that I could ever take with me in life. 

That is actually the main reason that I want to go to Africa...is to visit some of the orphanages of thousands of children who have or have lost their parents to HIV and AIDS.  Just to show one child a moment of unconditional love and affection, would be so fullfilling to me.  *They would probably have a hard time getting me to leave without wanting to take a dozen children home with me* 

Being disabled, and knowing the daily struggles of not being able to walk is also one of my biggest motivations.  I would love to one day start a non-profit organizations that refurbishes wheelchairs from the U.S. and sends them overseas to Africa, for the children that are disabled.  Something so simple, as a wheelchair would mean the world to a child, who does not have the same opportunities as we in America do. 

I am just rambling away..the more I think the more I come up with..the sky is the limit. 

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Hi I'm Namibian and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Africa is absolutely amazing. Don't be fooled by all sadness and disparity they show you on TV. i swear there's way more to africa than you could ever imagine. You should come, you'll love it here.

First I want to congratulate you for expressing such a noble desire to help the disabled in Africa...My late dad thought me that every human being has a little bit of an Angel spirit and that nowadays the Lord uses some humans to perform his miracles....I think you're a "perfect angel" just to humble to admit it.<br />
Well i am an African and former Texas resident who decided to return home to Cameroon to work in a Family non-profit organisation THE SOLOMON TANDENG MUNA foundation and we have a small program that caters for the disabled kids and i would like to help you archieve yr dream of setting up a program for refurbished wheelchairs to be sent to Africa and Cameroon for a start ... I am not disabled but i did a part time job delivering Medicare spnsored wheelchairs to folks in LA and TX and i saw the smile in their eyes and felt the warm in their hands when they eceived their "metal legs"... like you i want to bring that smile and warm on faces and hands of African disabled... but i need Help from a human Angel like you...please get in touch if its still a dream of our +237 7556 2937 Chembi muna

I would like to visit any of the countries in Africa, but especially Nairobi. Thank you so much for your support and comment..it is a dream, but anything is possible

I will...definately. :)