Alaska Bound!

My boyfriend grew up in Alaska & for the past 4 years he's told me how great Alaska is & how much he thinks I'd love it. A few weeks ago we booked tickets to Anchorage. We're leaving on Monday! =) We'll be visiting some of his family in Anchorage and also flying out to the small village where he grew up to visit the rest of his family for a few days. I am so excited to finally get to visit this beautiful state that I've heard so much about.

If all goes well, we're thinking about moving up there next summer. I'm a teacher & tried to get a job with the Anchorage School District this year, but the job market was tough (not many openings and a TON of applicants due to layoffs & job shortages elsewhere). Next year I'll reapply & hopefully I'll broaden my horizons & apply to other districts throughout the state.

As for now, I'm looking forward to our visit next week (but not so much looking forward to the 11 hour plane ride -- eek!).
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Thanks for the comment doctorfairbanks! My boyfriend lived in Fairbanks for a couple years & really liked it. He keeps telling me I'd like it there. He father taught at UAF for the little while that they lived there. I've heard it's a nice school. Better luck next year.

I was born in Alaska. You will love it there. I was a teacher for ten years but now I am a college professor. Tried to get a job this year at UAF but no such luck. Too many people moving there....something about the end times I guess!