Into The Wild West

About 2 years ago, i started reading and doing research on the great state of Alaska. I became intrigued with the sheer size of the state and it's vast Wilderness and beauty. I am on a mission now. I don't know exactly when, but I am planning a drive up the Western US coast to the Alcan Highway and into the last great frontier. I want to photograph everything from McKinley to Grizzly bears. Another treat will be to witness the Aurora Borealis. I absolutely love wild places and backpacking in the backcountry so i think Alaska can satisfy that need. I'm picturing myself standing in a mountain river stream, my Subaru nearby, overlooking a beautiful vista revealing snow capped mountains and lush woodlands! Yeah, i'm as scared of the bears as everyone else, but they won't keep me away!
niterider1640 niterider1640
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Thanks! i'm definitely going. There's so much wild to explore i can't wait!!!

Alaska sure can be a pretty place depending on where you are at in Alaska. We had a polar bear here just off the Yukon delta a month ago that made the local news. Good luck on your trip..if you ever get to AK.