Hot Springs


  I used to visit various Hot Springs that were clothing optional during the late fall and winter months.

  I really miss doing that.

  The friends that turned me on to specific Hot Springs passed away a few years ago. I'm really bummed about that.

  Most people were not hung up about it and there were no problems bringing children there as far as the parents were concerned.

  Those places were like clothing optional nudist camps in some ways.

  They were mostly on BLM land in Nevada and California.

  A lot of those places have changed since then like they got more crowded, or they're not clothing optional anymore.

  In those kinds of places, crowds are kind of a bummer because there's not really much room in the hot tubs generally speaking.

  Also now I realize that if I want to go to places like that I need all wheel drive high ground clearance vehicle.  And I don't have one of those so it's really difficult if not impossible to get their in the winter when I like to go because it's too hot in summer. 

  As far as resorts are concerned there are too many ridiculous rules, like no talking or sexually segregated even ones that are clothing optional. Not to mention the chemicals they are required by law to use in the tubs.

  Natural hot springs are the best! They flow and drain themselves out naturally a least most of the good ones I would go to do.

  Some of the best ones have been developed so that there's drains in the bottom and people leave garden hoses and using a tennis ball with a  hole cut through it for the hose to go through it on one of the garden hose ends you can put it over the drain pipe inlet and use it like a vacuum to clean the bottom from the grit and the sand out of it  when you don't want to drain the whole hot tub.

Or you could drain the whole hot tub and then it can be scrubbed clean and let it naturally fill up again.

  I really really miss that.  I really do!



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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

I've started doing an experience page for each one in Utah. The first and prettiest is Diamond Fork Hot Springs in Utah. <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Thanks for the suggestion semiretired.<br />
Oregon hot springs sounds interesting. <br />
I have the USGS list of hot and warm geothermal springs that even tells the temperatures and flow rates.<br />
I can cross-reference that with other data on the internet but I don't have the resources to just drive all over to somewhere without knowing where to park, camp, or which forest areas with soak-able hot springs are "open" and accessible to 2 wheel drive vehicles like what mine is.<br />
<br />
I have family in Southern OR coastal area; I may look into a hot spring area in a National Forest near there next time I go to visit them.<br />
<br />
It seems to me that most of the hot springs in OR are in the Cascade mountains or in Eastern OR.<br />
<br />
Maybe some day I will be able to spend some time in OR hot spring areas.

Come to Oregon. We have paved roads to within walking distance of our hot springs and the Forest Service keeps taking down the signs that say hot springs. Unless you know where they are they tend to be hard to find and the Forest Service ain't talking.