To Meet Crocodile Dundee

One of the places I would love to go, I should add that I know some Australians here and in real life, and they are great people, really loving and good friends.

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@ Fleurina: It may be 10 years from now, but if I could make it there we'll have an EP meeting. Thank you very much for the invitation, nothing is better than seeing friends.<br />
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@ AIUI: Thanks for the suggestion, I know it's a big country. See you at the meeting too

Australia was a nice place, but our culture is rapidly being Americanized. If you want to see the Australian beauty I do recommend going bush (not George). Check out the wild life and wild lands of central Australia and coast lines. Stay away from the cities and towns... unless you want to feel home?

And visit me too please LV:>)

;) thanks

If I get there, I would love to see you, thanks for the invitiation

I have seen so many movies, cartoons and read so many stories about them that I do love to go ther as well

My husband said he will take me to Australia. I want to go to the Outback. I hear it is very rough there and you have to have a guide. I drink up everything and anything I see and hear from Australia. I don't want to see any other Country so much as Australia. My dream left over still.

I know, I will go there, someday soon I hope

Its a great country and most Australians are very friendly.

It's really beautiful, as I heard!

I suppose you get good and bad people, everywhere.. but I have mostly had great experiences with australians I've met. I love the country too.

@ Mattahornofthedesert: They really nice people, I have some Australian friends on and off EP and I really enjoy talking to them

Australia is exactly like Namibia. If I ever want to go out of Namibia it would be to Australia. One of my wishes. There a pretty nice people out there and I would like to meet them and talk to them.

I would love that.<br />
It must be the weather, every Australian I know is great, cool and loving.<br />
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Viva Australia.

an Ep convention downunder ?

I should be more spontaneous, you are so right, I might do it in a year, but not this year.<br />
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Thank you very much

I wanna go there too ;)<br />
& I will go next year !<br />
Follow your heart > < ~<br />
If you wanna go, then go!