Save Me From Crazy Friends

After doing marathon hops over human **** and skulls in Varanasi and finished a marathon trip of India. Swearing to not fall for friends tricky line when they say "its going to be fun don't worry!!". And here i find myself again, snared by the sneaky devils. It seems whether i like it or not i am getting dragged kicking and screaming all the way to China. I am being consoled by being told i shall get to ride a bullet train, now dear members, my mates take extreme joy in grossing me out. So please tell me there will be no human floaties down that Mekong river. Cause Varanasi had enough of those to last me a lifetime!!!!
All i want is bullet train and terracotta warriors. For my food i want no dog-meat, no snake-meat, no chicken feet or no eyes in short my food better not look like it wants to have a conversation with me or wants to go out for a stroll.

If anyone knows of any good hotels with good prices i could check out please let me know or any that have a good reputation or are near the the tourist spots or public transport. We are going to Shanghai first then to Beijing. If anyone has been to any of the places am also interested to know about their tour. How they did theirs and what they saw. For India, we just got a Lonely planet book and used it as a guide and it definitely came in handy when we ended up lost in the ghats searching for the lotus lounge that my mate just had to go because it was Tibetan but in the end after 2hrs of walking deeper and deeper into the ghats we found it and it was worth the walk.

So maybe we might just end up buying a Lonely planet book and using that also for China. Oh, well now i have to go read up on China so the locals don't think am an idiot. Crap.
tuilifa tuilifa
Dec 4, 2012