One Day

One day i woke up put my BIG SHOES on and decided to join clown college...NOT...I have hated clowns ever since i was a wee child so i thought "Hey I wonder what its really like to be a clown." So I applied and what do ya no i got in lol.  Its been an awesome experience.  I LOVE MY BIG SHOES!!! I no that sounds geeky but I do they ROCK. They are CHECKERED!!!!  Now as i get new shoes i will remember all the good times and bad times and times that my shoes just didn't fit, and realize how thankful I am that I came here.  I LOVE making myself look like a fool in front of millions of kids.  Because I know that someway some how It will help me.  One day I will no that this job will seem DUMB AND FOOLISH, and it does now to some people but its my calling!! I love it.  So you go every1 who is going to attend or attending clown colleges, keep your head up and put a smile on.    CLOWNS ROCK AND DONT YOU 4GET IT!!!!  SURE we don't shower everyday, or floss but we will rock the world showing all you meanies what i mean.



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3 Responses Jan 1, 2009

i love to be a geeky clown

i love to be a geeky clown

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