When You Wish Upon a Star....

I have been to DisneyWorld twice in my life....both times when I was a kid. I would love to go back again at least once before I die. I want to go with my wife and share that dream and experience with her. I'd also like to see the MGM/Universal studio themepark while there. Also Id like to go and visit SeaWorld and SilverSprings while in the general neighborhood. But if we could just only make it to the magic kingdom...it would be a vacation to remember.

IndyJoe IndyJoe
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2 Responses Jun 9, 2008

MGM changed names its Hollywood Studios now!<br />
Add one of the waterparks to your list, promise its worth it.

Thanks for that advice I will definitely remember it. I couldnt even guess when it would be that we would get to go (or even IF we'll ever get to go). Its a dream of ours but It could be years down the road yet....we're not in a good financial position for it. Its fun to think about though.