The Culture, Art, Hisory, Etc

I want to go to a lot of countries in Europe like Italy, France, UK, Spain, Greece, etc. I would also want to learn to go there alone, maybe someday, and stay there for a long time. I don't like to rush things, be in a place for a few minutes and moving on to the next. There's just something about the continent. The language, art, architecture, history, culture, and the weather!
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

I agree with you purplerparrot. Want to see old yes, come to Europe. Sometimes I long to see modern, clean and tidy.

Yes I know what you mean about the history, I would love to see some of the old castles and churches. Here in US the buildings are usually not much over 200 years old...I think that our beauty lies in the nature such as national parks, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone,etc. There are some beautiful homes here in the South from 1800's.