If I Deserve It..

if i deserve it i want to go..but god only knows.....

he knows my prayers n i hope he hears me..

heaven is the most beautiful place,the most peaceful...a place where u have no worries and everyone is equal..

i want to go if i deserve it..

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
22 Responses Feb 22, 2010

really .. see you there then :)

:) im going to the ep house

I know :) ... and that's okay :)

oh ..i didn know that..<br />
umm ok..

I know I wrote *god willing* ... we use it in my culture when we talk about something we don't know about it :) <br />
<br />
and I agree with mr . AndrewPenney ... about the time ;)<br />
<br />

mr . penguin , god knows if i do n will.. <br />

you do and you will ;) ... *god willing* :)

im not afraid of death..yeah coz of heaven..if i deserve it..<br />
many ppl tell me to think 'now' instead of life after death..<br />
u are strong ap,i know..<br />
i know angels are with us..

i know..is wonderful there..

I've seen it, and I can't wait til it's my time to stay there this time. I don't just believe.... I know it is the most wonderful place ever, full of love and peace, and Balboaguy is there too !

i haven seen s.t..maybe i dont know..

there was a star trek movie called generations,had this nexus thing that when inside it was like living inside joy that it was something u could hold,where there is no time,maybe thats what heaven is like

love u marji*

no i don think shes right marji....life has good and bad too.... heaven and h**** on earth too.. .

i guess..

Life is the hard part sweetie and if we can deal and figure part of life out then death comes so much easier.

PT im not anxious bout heaven...im ok with that..is with life that is more uncomfortable..<br />
<br />
carrie i agree,i feel its temporary coz i know life is after death..that it will b forever

I am looking foreward to the day when i do. It hopefully will be a while, but we never know. It will be a beautiful release from this temporary home.

i'm not like really anxious to meet my maker either. but i do believe that you are corect marji it is what we want to believe it is.

yeah marji..hugs

i know..but i believe in life after death and my heart knows that, there is so beautiful...

how can we know what eaven is really like, and the bad part is that we can only get there if we die.