Remote Pleasure

I used to date a truly fun woman who was open to try anything, and enjoyed herself while doing it. I have been and still am fascinated with seeing women enjoying themselves in public, discreetly, to the point of ******. At the time wireless, remote controlled vibrating eggs fascinated me. Women have wonderful bodies and a great place to pleasurably tuck things. Not content with a simple vibrating egg, I created a rounded, tapered attachment that came straight up from the egg, but after a couple of inches, curled back toward the egg. The attachment was then glued firmly to the surface of the egg. Once the egg was inserted it would slowly slid into the *****, but as it disappeared the curl of the attachment would nestle between her folds and smoothly come snuggly to rest on her ****.

I showed this creation to her after a night of feverous love making. She was intrigued and slid it in to an ooh of pleasure as I switched it on using the remote. The next day I got an excited call from her!

“This morning I threw on a dress to run errands and slid your little toy into place. I’m calling you from the post office parking. I just had an intense ****** as I dropped my mail in the slot!”

“Fabulous! I can’t wait to see you and hear more about it! I said.

The next day I had the day off and we had decided to head to Hippie Hollow (we live in Austin, TX) to enjoy a little nude sun bathing. When I picked her up she complained that the batteries in the egg were already worn out!

“Been busy have you?! I said.

I ducked into a store on the way and bought replacement batteries. I popped them in the toy and watched as she lifted her sundress to reveal no panties, spread her clean shaven lips and moaned as she slid the toy into place. Settled, we happily drove out to Hippie Hollow.

Walking down to the lake I reached under her dress to feel and press the attachment, nestled in her lips, deeper into her as it vibrated away. She groaned and lifted her ***, spread her legs as we stopped on the trail. Wanting this to last I stopped and had us press ahead to the lake, but I pressed a button to change the vibration pattern. She wiggled her hips in response to the change.

We found a rock, shaded by a tree, out on a point over-looking the lake. We spread the blanket out, shed our clothes and spread ourselves on the blanket. As she sat down I could just make out the attachment snuggly tucked between her lips and against her ****. She moaned as she sat and slowly ground her *** into the blanket! She began picking up the pace of her grinding. I pressed the button again and changed the vibration pattern then reached over and pressed the tip of the attachment firmly against her ****. She began to turn red in the face and chest then began to shudder. She shook and shook then slowly relaxed lying back on the blanket as she came down.

Having had enough she reached down and slowly slid the toy out of her as I turned off the vibrations. Beautiful in the warm afterglow of her ****** I bent down and kissed her passionately. We laid there kissing until we both realized we were sweating profusely and climbed down and dove into the cool lake water.

We climbed back up to our spot and enjoyed a nice lunch sitting naked in the shade of the tree. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon until late in the afternoon when a man started wandering by (a little too closely), fully clothed, and talking on a cell phone. I packed up as she slid her dress back on and we made our way back up to the car. We would pause occasionally on the trail, when no one was around, to kiss and feel under each other’s clothes. It was a wonderful ending to a great day of fun!
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May 8, 2012