Too Old Now of Course...

It would have been awesome to go to Hogwarts though. Though I am Canadian so would have ended up at whatever Canadian school there is. I think if I went to Hogwarts I would have been Hufflepuff. I am hard working and loyal, but when I have to defend my friends I will. Basically Hufflepuffs are like that. A lot of people think they are pushovers and no real value. I've seen that on many fansites. However, if you read the last few books you would have seen that they will fight for those they are loyal too. It was a Hufflepuff who stood up first before the final battle and yelled that he wanted to stay and fight. Tonks was a Hufflepuff.

Anyway, I think I would have been Hufflepuff but I think I would have been a troublemaker too. When I was in High School I skipped classes too much and liked to break the rules. So I think I would have been the same there.

Of course I am 22 so my letter should have come 11 years ago.

Why can't magic be real?

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At least we have the realm of fantasy into which we can retreat every so often. <br />
<br />
Yes, Hogwarts would have been so very much fun! I think if I'd had a school like that I wouldn't have wanted to skip classes nearly as much!

Good story. Why can't magic be real, I'd really like it to be too.