You Know You Are In Ireland When...

Are you thinking about becoming an Aupair in Ireland? You should know some things before, but I am sure you will find out them after few weeks in Ireland on your own. First of all – you start to greet everyone with „hiya“. It might sound silly – but after few weeks you woldn’t notice and you will be using this phrase everywhere. When you will be doing laundry you will notice that everything is washed at 30 or 40 and nothing is separated at all! Irish people never use 60 or more and only thing they separate is black and white. ;) Never travel by train. Of course – if you want to be on time – do! But busses are more cheaper. There is such a thing with Irish busses - you could miss a bus not because you are too late, but because the bus is…. too early! And one more thing about Irish busses – You always say “thanks and goodbye” to the busdriver, even though you´ve paid an enormous amount of money for the bus and it wasn´t really worth it´s money with all the crappy streets and stuff.

Did you ever heard that all the Irish are read-heads? Well, then you will soon know that the average Irish is blue-eyed and has brown hair.

Spelling people´s name is so dificult – OWEN is Eoin, EVA is Aoife, TIMOTHY is Tadgh etc.! At the same time at first you aren’t able to pronnounce their names correctly! But after spending some time in Ireland – you CAN spell and pronounce Irish names.

The kids eat biscuits all day long – of course – only if you let them. Be carefull – the children usually get what they want, even if it’s the third chocolate bar just before lunch!  You should get used to that kids gets treats nearly on every occasion – whether this is for behaving nicely in the supermarket or doing what they have been told to do.

You will discover that the Irish are not only mad about Vaseline and Sudocream, but also about Calpol. Are you wondering what are these things??? Dont worry, you will find out soon… And i forgot mentioned Lemsip – actually it really helps.

Even if you don’t drink bear – you will love Bulmers and Guiness…You can go into the same pub every night of the week and this is never boring! And even if you hear „Galway girl“ all the time, there you will stil love it!

If you are planing to go swimming at the beach, as it is really hot, but you then you will simply lay on the beach because the Atlantic is incredible cold!

Your „favourite“ food will be potatoes. They are served daily and with kind of every meal. Do you wonder why? I am sure every Irish person will tell you story from the past – but you can find out on your own.  And maybe you will have problem to cook the potatoes right way. The Irish got their special way to prepare them and you nearly always put extra salt in your meals. It seems that the Irish don´t use any salt at all, apart from the salted (!) butter… And indeed you know that all veggies (name for potatoes which are made „special“ way) are cooked without salt. Yum.

There are more cows than sheep in general (well, maybe not in co. Kerry – fair enough), but you will see the cows everywhere you go.

Everything is “grant”. Or else: not too bad. You know also that „the craic“ is not a drug!
You’ll LOVE shopping in Penney´s – cool clothes for cool price.

You should take your umbrella and sunglasses with you! Over there – on Isles – you never know how the weather will looks like. Wherever you will go – you will chat to everyone – and most of the time the chat starts with a coment about the weather – eg. Isn´t it a lovely morning? Or terrible weather, isn´it? You will realized after one week, that you have had every kind of weather, sometimes all at once on one day.

After a while you don’t want to think about going back home as it is soooooo beautiful there and when the times comes along – you really don’t want to go home!

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