I Live In Vegas.

I moved to Vegas in 1996, from the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. I LOVE VEGAS! If you have any questions at all about moving to Vegas, or going to Vegas as a tourist, I can probably answer your questions. I just love to give information about Vegas. I was a tour bus driver based in Vegas and I have worked for several different companies in Vegas.  I now live in Henderson, NV..  My house is about 25minutes from the middle of the *****.  I have been to Virtually every tourist attraction within a 150 mile radius. Contact me and I'll volunteer information.
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Yeah I have a few questions inbox me please

Hi, I am from Montreal, Canada and visited Vegas for the first time last August 2010. Since, I went back the following October and December. Does that mean I am addicted by now? Laugh...Oh! I went skydiving twice in Henderson, not far from a women’s state prison.