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I go there a lot.  My happy place is the best.  It's sunny and warm and there is nothing to worry about.  I can conjure up the company of anyone I want to be with and do whatever I want.  A glass of wine is on hand at all times and the nicest of snacks if I fancy them.  My dogs and cats are there and we go for long walks and play together in the warm sunshine.  My happy place is beside the sea so we can go down to the beach any time and swim or just look at the gentle waves lapping on the sand.  

The best thing about my happy place is that it's not that far removed from day to day reality and is in fact more or less the same, just a few tweaks here and there.  Life is not so bad if you look at it the right way.  It's all about perspective.

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I try not to pumpkin!!