This Is As Close As I Got Tonight

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Thanks for sharing that, Kitty. Very nice!

I love empre of the sun..they're my profile video too..not quite a song tho :D

love this band! saw them at treasure island it was so magical!!

You lucky!!!!

I have to be careful. I think my "street drug" days over! never took shroomies but I took acid(they were on altoid mints) once. I must not have taken enough because I only saw colors heightened/altered very subtly on my video game and the sports channel lol. I felt like I lost my mind when I took one hit off a bong so not all drugs like me. I used to want to be a shaman-type but I wasn't but out for it. I have also smoked salvia. Another scary one.

Drugs are risky, I wouldn't recommend using them longer than the typical experimental curiosity, using them in the first place is optional.
Most drugs are pretty pointless anyway, just a couple are able to add something useful to one's perspective (mostly psychedelics) and that's not even a certainty.

Personally I learned a thing or 2 (accepting and embracing my nerdy side instead of fighting it because it's "not cool" and how religion and existence works) but that's all, the price was high: almost a dozen bad trips.
I don't regret that drug use, but one's life can do without drugs, that's for sure.

Reading books gives insight too, it only takes somewhat longer to 'get it' compared to drug-induced insights and reading books can't give you a bad trip. ;-)

You've never read "Suffer the children" by John Saul? lol..also I am reading "Billy" by Whitney Strieber..that can cause a bad trip too..especially if you have a child

I don't have a child. ;-)
But no, haven't read it to be honest (chances would be very slim I had :-p).

Ever tried psylocibin mushrooms with the right music/movie? That's as far as I got myself. ;-)

Of course I'm not promoting the use of illegal substances, because at the time, those were legal where I come from. :-D
Now they're semi-illegal (since 2010), you can only use them legally when you've grown them yourself and consume them the same day after you're harvested them, officially.