Prom In A Dress??

I would be happy to go to the grocery or Sonic in something femme without worrying about some cowboy starting a rucus or fight. Most of us dont pass too well I am afraid and have to sneak all our lives and get away with what we can dont we? I cant find anybody in my part of Texas like me just to have someone like me to talk to or whatever! I sure keep my eyes open tho ,everywhere I go but no luck yet. I do have a little fun around the deck and yard at home. I take more chances than I should I guess but as I get older I figure screw all those people, they dont buy my grocieries or put gas in my car or buy me panties or shorts or gowns. Besides they dont have to look across the property line at me either if they dont like what they see. Right? Just have fun and enjoy your fantasies I say while you can!! Loveya ya all
dampbottom dampbottom
61-65, M
Sep 10, 2012