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I Want To Be A Teenage Girl

I wish I could go back in time and be a high school girl. Oh how much fun I woukd have shopping, shopping and more shopping with my girlfriends.
slumber parties staying up all night doing each others hair, makeup and of course manacures and pedicures and of course talking about boys and playing truth or dare. Being popular and a member of the dance team. Enjoying my first kiss, my first romance and all the dances especially prom where I would wear the most beautiful dress and my hair in an updue and my handsome date would treat me like a princess. Sharing with my mother and always being daddy"s little girl of course. What fun I would have in my new life!

deleted deleted 26-30 2 Responses Mar 9, 2012

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I just hit my teenage years and I'm 13... Oh boy I wish I had all that fun you mentioned above (: but I never seem to have fun... Am I too serious? Or are my parents too protective? I watch all these movies and ask my cousins what teenage years were like... They mentioned the same nails, boys, sleepovers, dances, cheerleaders, clubs, dating etc. But honestly is that what it's really like? because my life is as dull as a cloudy grey sky. Is it because my parents don't let me out the house? Or is it because I don't participate in many cubs such as dancing... YOu make teenage years sound like a dream, you make it sound so thrilling and memorable... I son't want to miss out on something so big to impact you life and many others so could you please help me.? I'm sorry that I didn't have my own story about this... (:

Your so right. Those preteen through 17 yrs would be my favorite yrs. The preteens anxiously anticipating womanhood and all the feminine girly experiences that go with it..The clothes, hair, makeup etc...;-)