Sleep My Sweet

the pen feels so heavy in her hand as she tries to focus just long enough to complete her good-bye... the mixture of pills and booze begin to take effect and her eyes tell the story. The story of a life so difficult, so sad, so pathetic that it hardly seems real. A single tear slides down her cheek and onto her words, words of pain, sorrow, fear, loneliness, oh so much loneliness. He took her spirit, her smiles, her will and left her a prisoner, locked, trapped, suffering inside herself.

She signs her letter... "Remember I loved you all... around the world and back again" as the pen leaves her hand one final time. Her last words, letter, story, to be read by all. Tis a shame that such a wonderful soul was lost, alone, forgotten to sleep forever...

...if only


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4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

i don't think she cares much about the party... <br />
<br />
sometimes you lose sight of the smiles ahead ya know

lick away my love... lick away

dream a little dream of me.... tbc

Bob you are right on. Split would not let anyone get the best of her-I know it.