I Just Dig the Whole Idea of It, But....

are there really a lot of drugs?  is it cool if I'm not too into that?  What if I'm OOOOOLD... like old enuf to have ALMOST but not quite been at woodstock?  I would really like to know much more...

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I certainly HOPE the drugs aren't too key to the whole experience. I've never had a "drug" and don't plan to... am in my late 30's, and totally intend to get out to burning man and revel in the artistic wonder of it all.<br />
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I'm thinking about building a huge bedouin tent... has that been done well yet?

It's not about age, or how high you get.<br />
Drugs are just popular there because burningman on has one rule. It's a festival about being yourself openly in ways you cannot express in everyday life.

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I don't do drugs and am getting older too but still feel young.<br />
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I still think it would be fun to go.<br />
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Why Not?

Ummm.... I'm not a man.<br />
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