East Coast Burning Man?

Has anyone here heard of or been to Playa del Fuego on the East Coast?  I think it is around DC somewhere, maybe Delaware and is held in the spring.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this festival and how it compares to the original.

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Hi I live in the Southwest USA, very familiar with the burning festival.... Here he is called Zozobra... man of gloom, during the festival participants usually place their cares and burdens on a piece of paper and go hog wild as they burn up along with the gigantic burning tower of a man...<br />
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very paganistic and secretly religious at the same time... it is nice tho! Nevada, New Mexico, and a few other states in this region celebrate in this fashion, I did not know it was also a festival on the east coast... I do recommend you see it at least once, somewhere other than you are accustiomed to<br />
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That sounds interesting as well! Thanks!

don't know about that but there's one called Alchemy in the south east its up in the mountains, have some friends who go to that and they say it's like a mini-burning man in the mountains!