I want to go to this festival someday, so bad. I came across it online a few years ago and thought it was so interesting.  I don't know anyone personally who's been to it...but ahh sure looks like a crazy experience, festivals are the best! But I'm sure this one's alot different than a music fest... It's an art installation festival..and if I'm not wrong, I think everyone backpacks into the black rock desert? People prepare for yearsss for this I think..and I know you have to par-take in it, you cannot be a spectator...and I heard it's like 120 degrees during the day must take alot of discipline!
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2007

I've met people who have gone. It's prettyu cool from what I hear.

That sounds like something I would like to take part in.<br />
Sounds like it would be a great experience.