I Want To Go To The Wild

i want to go to the wild with moutainwolf99
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Why me?

So I can do this *slaps your face* why?

Just curios *aims an rpg at your face* wanna do that again?

*slaps you again*YEA!!

*shoots you with the rpg blowing you to tiny pieces*

*comes back as a zombie then hugs and slaps*

Hold on *comes back with zombie spray, bug spray for zombies*

*zombie hugs*

Well if you turn ill have to spray you. *higs back, but forgets zombies falls apart easy and rips you in half from the waist up* sorry

*zombie comes back hugs again and steps on your foot*that's what you get for blowing me up!

SHE'S TURNING *sprays you with the zombie spray killing you*

*hugs again*

Oh yeah *puts a sticker on the pray that says "actually kills zombies"* now it can kill you! *hugs*

Stickers usually don't tell the truth*hugs again*


*hugs then blows your head off with a rpg*

*hugs again* its ok


Your welcome *hugs*


*blows your head off*

your so mean*p-shifts calls pack then orders them to kill you*

wait sorry i cant hurt you

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