Only Goal In Life

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to go to college.  I wanted to be some big successful business woman. 


Well, I did attend.


After I graduated from high school, I took some time off and got a job for the summer and fall, and started college in the winter/spring semesters.  It was a good college, actually, it was UCF, in Orlando, FL.  I loved it.  I enjoyed every second I spent there, going to classes, lecture halls, writing notes.  I seriously love school.  I loved having a small dorm room with a roommate that was the exact opposite of me, and we were both messy and yet had fun.  I even loved attending ONE frat party, which I promptly left, but I enjoyed the fact that I went.  

After two semesters, the third semester I decided to get an apartment off-campus.  My funds were running low, and financial aid only went so far, so I started to job hunt.  It didn't work out so well.  I had no transportation but my own two feet and a bike, so I applied everywhere within a 5 mile radius.  With the exception of McDonalds, because I seem to have this stinking pride, where I refuse to work in Fast Food. 

Well, I didn't get any job, and depression was hitting me hard.  I never left my room, I stopped attending classes.  I didn't know it was depression, so I neglected to go to the clinic on campus.  I eventually was put on academic probation, and I let my student loans go into default.  Very stupid on my part.


Anyways, fast forward about 8 years later, and I'm finally getting to the point financially where I think I can manage handling classes again.  I'm tired of working entry-level jobs just to get by, and seeing all my peers surpassing me in thier carreers.  I want to be back in a class setting, I want to find a career I love, and I WILL graduate.  

I'm going to the admissions office of the community college tomorrow to see how I can enroll myself into the Medical Laboratory Technology course.  It's an AS program, and hopefully, once I finish that, I can get a job in that field, and I'll continue on for my Bachelor's.  I have hopes, but I'm taking it with small steps.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Good for you for not losing that desire to continue your education. You certainly have the right attitude! Best of luck to you!