I Never Had It Easy, But I Stayed In The Race!

It was never easy for me, i was always a good student at school, i never failed anything, i went into engineering major in collage thinking that it will be a walk in the park, guess what, it was not, too much temptations screwed me up, i failed and failed and failed and failed some more, but i never quit, not because i was determined to be an engineer, but because i was scared of looking into my families' eyes, they counted soo much on me, i would be the 1st male to graduate from collage since the last 3 generations, at that moment i kept laying low, hidding what was going on an pretending that it was all okk, i lived the lie for 3 years i started believing in it, until one day my adviser which i have been avoiding for the last 3 years called me and asked to meet with me, when i met with him he said, your work is crap, you haven't done anything for the past 4 years, they only amount for a one year worth of credits, you have to drop out of engineering, at that moment i wished i was dead, he threatened to call my father if i wasn't goin to drop, because he felt responsible that i was wasting my dad's money, after talking to him i promised that i would perform better from now on, guess what, i found my calling, i will never forget the amazing thing that that teacher has done to my life and at some point ill pay back my debt, from that point i work and worked and worked, i took extra credits and did great in all my classes (Thank GOD) i was supposed to complete my degree in 8 LONGG YEARSS, but i nailed it down to 5.5 years, my hard work paid off, now i am lookin at my last semesters in my bad very bad collage experience, im just soo proud i cant wait to hear my name on the graduation stage, i cant wait to experience Tears of Joy, i bet they taste sweet!
For all people who share my story, hang in there your are not alone, stay in the race, trust me the feeling of achievement will be worth all your pain!
SpiritIndestructible SpiritIndestructible
Jan 6, 2013