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I Have Big Breasts

I am a man with large breasts which produce milk, I'm currently up to a DD cup size and producing about 1500ml of milk per day.
AdamMilkyBoobs AdamMilkyBoobs 26-30, M 15 Responses Aug 18, 2010

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Have you ever drunken your milk? If so, what does it taste like? I plan on have boobs as big, or maybe even bigger than your's one day. I can't wait till i have them!

i would love to larger breast i feel femine ibside and love when men massage and suck them

i wish to get larger man boobs i am a 40 c now how can i get to a d or dd and maybe give milk

So having this condition, do you feel feminine? Do you dress fem? or male? if male what kinds of reactions do you get from others? What aspects of this condition do you enjoy? Some men would love to have this condition, at least from viewing it from the outside, what is your view from the inside? Is there a "cure" for this condition?

I don't know how to answer this question briefly... I wouldn't say that I feel feminine, but I also can't say that I feel entirely masculine anymore either, it's complicated.
I dress as male as I can manage, with shirts it's better if I find a kind of neutral shirt that has been tailored for a female figure. I do get a lot of strange looks, generally, sometimes people talk about me as well.
I have had several people ask me if I'm becoming a woman and if 'I got them on a bet'.
I do enjoy my FAR more sensitive nipples ;-)
I guess some men might like to have access to some breasts whenever they like, but I think if they were faced with the reality of carrying them around all the time and having to pump milk from them every few hours they would soon be dissuaded. I don't mind having breasts anymore, it's something I've gotten used to, but I'd certainly like to have the lactation stop.
I've been going to my doctor about this from the very start, to begin with he was confident that it would be treatable, after many blood tests, scans and 'specialists' I'm no closer to treated.

I would love to suckle from them hun

What size were you before you began lactating?

Oh, well my breast growth and my lactation are very closely linked. I wore a C cup bra when I worked before I started lactating, but it wasn't long before.

You are so very lucky

would like to know how to get real milk from man-boobs

feed me i hope your milk can help me to enlarge my breast

i am soo jealous! how did u grow urs? or was it natural?

It is natural. I have a hormonal condition which is causing my breasts and my lactation.

wow this is truly amazing and fascinating

What do you do with all your milk?

I pour it down the nearest drain.

Seriously, have you thought of donating it. There are breast-milk groups who use it for infants. If it's idential to female brest milk . . .

So, the hormone imbalance has caused you to lactate daily? Can you explain what kind of process you undergo each day? Is it painful? Manageable? How has it affected you?

Yes, the hormone imbalance has caused my breasts to grow and lactate. Basically after I wake up I pump my breasts immediately, then after that I pump about ever 3 to 4 hours until I go to bed, sometimes I wake up or can't get to sleep because my boobs hurt and need to be pumped again.
It isn't generally painful, if I have to skip or delay a pumping session my breasts do become engorged and that can be painful. Also getting an infection is quite unpleasant.
I manage it because I have to, I don't really want to.
The most noticeable effect, for me, is that I have to be hooked up to a breast pump for several hours a day. Of course I have grown quite large breasts too.

The big breasts are a bonus.


I'm VERY interested in knowing HOW you've accomplished this?!? Is it possible for others to achieve the same results?

This has happened as a result of a natural hormone imbalance, I haven't really accomplished anything. I don't know if other people can do the same thing.

I sure wish i could help you with all that milk.