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More Feminine Breasts.

Hi.  I'm a 58 year old male who has had man boobs and large nipples for many years.  I am currently using the Flat to Fem program so that my boobs will be fuller and more rounded like a woman's breasts.  Once I reach that goal then I want to try and produce milk.  Though I don't currently wear a bra I would easily fill out a B cup.  I enjoy reading about other men's experiences with their man boobs.
litlwillie4 litlwillie4 56-60 36 Responses Sep 3, 2010

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Am about the same as you and want nice femme rounded breasts. When larger will take motilium to induce lactation. When I was younger I used to leak very often with wet spots on my T shirts. Didn't take anything then, it was natural. Am still on anti androgens and going on estradiol again. How do you develop for fuller and rounder. I love all of us guys who want beautiful female breasts. Let's all work together for the same cause :)

Yes I too want to have bigger fem breast and be able to produce milk. How are you doing with the milk?

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I love to be Femmine man. I love wearing Nighties & panties.

I am a man growing Female Breast . Its so wonderful to Have Female Breast & be a Femmine man that wants to be Transgender man to Woman . I love being a Femmine A femmine man to Female .. That's what I am growing Female Breast.

Looks like a lot of us have a problem with enlarging our nipples and areolas so if anyone has the answer please let us all know

Did you take anything to increase the size of your nipple? I love big nipples, and want to have HUGE areolas if posiable. I also want to increase my cup size and I'm looking at taking Progynova. Thoughts?

Mine also fill out a B cup and often are noticeable depending on shirt worn and very visible when I wear a bra.

Hi..I'm new..I have boobs also..I be had them since I was 14...I'm 31 now and they are a lot bigger.. I'm in a 38d...I hate them n love them at the same time.. I like them to be rubbed...I don't mind sharing pics... inbox me wud love to talk

I would not mind some picks please email me at

I also have plump womanly breasts, I have had them since I was around 13 years old. My wife makes me wear a bra because I have larger breasts then she does and she says if a woman has to wear a bra, then so should i since I have larger breasts then she does as well as most of her girl friends. I wear a size 42 C cup bra and the bra does really help with my breasts from bouncing around all over the place..I do love the feeling of how my breasts bounce inside of my bra when i go up or down stairs or run. the bra also helps to keep my nipples from rubbing against my shirts and irritating my nipples. I also really really love when she plays with my breasts and kisses and sucks on feels soooo good

As far as I go ,just anticipation to grow the breast is unbelievable and I will.

<p>Just Google it, as I am reasonably sure it's against policy here to post active URL's

Where do you get Flat to Fam?

flat to fem

Thanks donn2 I did visit them and started the process.

I agree with Phoenix... I want decent size breast's, but I think producing milk would be embarassing and inconvenient as heck.

Like you I enjoy my boobs they have filled out quite well not so sure I want to produce milk could be fun but a bit of a curse when they start leaking every where my wife had that problem when she had our kids

I too used the flat to fem and fill a B cup. If I exercise, the sweaty tee really shows them

hi i also use the flat to fem program and am pictured on page one and ten as johanna! after only 9 months i fill a solid b cup and would like to fit a c is my goal! ireally love my breasts and feel great! thank you lucille for showing us the way also would like to find a woman to take me in for sissy traing

I tried Flat to Fem a few years ago. I had some growth and don't remember why I stopped. I am actively trying to grow again, this time with hypnosis, and using the breast massage from Flat to Fem.

Good Luck

I second the vote for estrogen. It's easy to get progynova (either pill of injectable) over the internet. Progynova contains estradiol the strongest (and safest!) estrogen currently available. In my experience pueraria mirifica will definitely work, but progynova is even better. I have lovely 38b's now as proof.

I really want bigger

The only thing that really worked on me, was estrogen. After trying all that other stuff, I finally started taking estro, and now I have a beautiful set of boobs.

Hello all you boob dudes, i am here to tell you that by simply taking fenugreek 610mg capsules a day for the last two weeks has incredibly increased my breasts, infact to a point where i now can no longer wear a regular tee shirt to work. I am now only taking 1-2 a day and its already working on the rest of my body, (my lips, butt, thighs) Its been the most exciting 2 weeks of my life, every day i see and feel a change. Perhaps i already had a significant amont of estrogen in my body, because though i am skinny i always had good man boobs, but now only after 2 weeks i can easily fill an A cup bra. But now i want to slow down the breast growth and yet continue on feminizing the rest of my body so that i am curvy down below and stay A cup size up top, Does anyone know how to do this. Oh and by the way i am a 50yr old youngest looking white Irish guy. Look forward to any responses. Thanks.

sounds awesome im starting on my natural breast enlargement treatment (herbs) :)i want my moobies to get hyuuge :)

How well will this flat to fem work on a very flat skinny tall person. I want LARGE breasts so I'm looking for a product with proven results.

I am a very tall skinny guy. I want a rack! At least what my wife's got. What is the best way to get started? I am flat chested now but like I said I want a large set of breasts.

I.m 30 yr.young male, not ovrweight, who has been on PM 4. 2yrs now. I now measure a large full firm 38C. I wear a bra every day! I actually started grow.n breasts @ the age of 17. When I was 22 i was a 38A...Did this without any help, just mothr nature! I figured I might as well C how large I could go! So thats why I started PM. I have been so happy with my results and don.t hide the fact I have large breasts, that I go out in public all the time now, and just love watch.n every ones ex<x>pression. Now 2 find someone who will love a man with beautiful breasts! If you truly want to have breasts just go 4 it, you.ll love them, and so will that someone special!

What is this PM program? Can I get a link to it?

I've used a lot of difference things.But i bought a breast pump from noogleberry.And that made a huge difference's.You have to have extra breast material,or it don't work that good.I'm a 46c.My wife made me stop there.Good luck

Check out my pictures.I've been using a pump from,noogleberry.I had man boobs and with the fenungreek.I've become a 44 c.I had a nipple lift.I didn't like my nipples before.Let me know.

I have gone from flat to almost a B cup in 5 weeks, I am wearing a 38C bra with padding and I can even see a cleavage on my chest. I am going to get a 38b bra, I got so much sensitivity on my nipples now. They are hard most of the time. I am following Lucille's plan, massages and also complementing with exercises with weights. I need to shave my chest to show my girlie chest ... I got so much pride on my boobs now.<br />
<br />
hugs<br />
<br />

I'm the same as you are but I would full a 36 c cup

I am one of Mistress Rayna's sissies and the ainterolherbs work well. My **** and butt are growing.