I Want To Grow Big Man-boobs

I've only just started to grow my breast, using perfect women btrast cream. If anyone has a way to grow faster & larger boobs I'd like to hear it.
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i wonder what is best,to grow nice big nipples and tissue, but keep my nice erection ?

hi dear, you should try y a m s creme, wonderful results! ys SD

hi, my dear. have you ever heard of Lucilles flat to femme program?
i myself used a good deal of beer for years - but you are in a hurry i would recommend yams creme for three months at least - with a ten to fifteen minutes massage. yours SweetDebora

Try premarin usually by prescription only. It works from the inside out rather than outside in as it is with the creams by supressing your testoterone and boosting your estrogen.

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No thanks Torontario, one major heart attack is quite enough for me. (please read warnings about this stuff)

I recently started "flat2fem" program.

If you are not able to obtain premarin through a doctor, try using products with black Kohosh, Dong Quay or Soy in them, better still a mixture of all three. There is one company that does supply a tablet with all three but you have to be married to obtain it because it is used mainly to control hot flashes in menapause,


just starting on nonaturday and hope for rezults soon 64 and love being single come on girls grow

Good luck with your growth. I know that you are gooding to love having them. I sure do.

I used estrofem and spiro to get me up to a A cup. Then everything stopped working and I stayed that size. My wife said if I wanted them bigger I would have to get implants, so we found a Doctor that would do it, and I got small implants bring me up to a full B cup. I now wear a 38B bra all the time. With the growth I had, there was a lot of tissue that could strech and made them very female looking. We both love the results, and recommend implants to any male that wants boobs

I'm having a hard time finding a doc. that will do implant on a man in my area.

It took a long time for me to find one also. He was an elderly Dr that had done a number of implants in the El Paso TX area, and I was his last one before he retired. Keep looking you will find one. If you are married it sure helps to have her along with you on your first meeting with the Dr.

I have used herbs, creams and estrogen. I have grown from flat to full B cups that are visible under shirts.

where can you find a dr that can do it

Back a few years ago when I got mine, I had found 3 Doctors in this country that would do it. Mexico was no problem, but I would not go there for an opertion. Good luck and keep looking. You will find one that will do it for you. I sure do love not onlynthe feel of them,but also the look of them. There are every bit as nice as a GG females boobs

How long has it taken you to get there?

Wherabouts do you live because I might have to go that route also and it would be great to know the city especially if it was near Toronto.

How long to get there? Well I started estrogen about 10 years ago. I would go on for 6-8 months and then off again for a like amount. But the first time , when i started, in 8 months I did have small mounds, and my nipples and areolas had both doubled in size. They grew to onlt a A cup. and then stopped no matter how much estrogen i took. By then I was just on estrofem. About htree years ago we decided that if I wanted bigger, it would be implants, which I now have.

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try looking at the Transfemme web site it has certainly worked for me. good luck.

how long did it take to get growth? creams don't seem to work that good. what have your gotten to on transfemme?

The cream isn't going to work.What it will do is cause more breast tissue,which you need too have bigger boob's.If you take fenugeek,saw pimento. Rub your breast as often as possible with the cream.Now buy you a good breast pump by noogleberry.I truly believe that will give you the results you want.It worked for me.Look at my album.I have three pic's.The first two are after my nipple lift.The last one i didn't like my nipples on the bottom of my breast.I must tell you i use a estrogen herb to help feminize my self.Good luck

I would love to look at your pics stephine, but I cant.

stephine does that effect an erection.
does the estrogen herb hurt erection. if it don't hurt me getting an erection,
what is the name of it

I would someday love to grow my breats, to nturally fill a bra

I am using herbs to do the job plus wild yam cream, chi massage and exercise

I also want to grow very boobs myself!