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I Can Help You Become Very Feminized Breasts And All!

Hi my name is Ranya and I have been married to Bill for 15 years now. I love my husband dearly but our sex life was never that great due to his really small penis which would slip out constantly whenever we tried to have sex.

For years I secretly had lovers on the side who would be able to cater to my physical needs - I slowly became known as what is referred to as a size queen - which is no good for my hubbie who is less then 5 inches at best. The bigger the better and small ********* were always welcomed.

One day I caught hubbie looking at pictures of sissies on his computer and it kind of turned me on so we began to talk. He asked me if I ever thought of being with other guys and I played along as if I never did but was interested. To make a long story short we went from him finding me a lover to him becoming my EXTREMELY feminized sissy who only gets to cleanup the *** from my lovers.

I put him on the strongest feminizing herbs there are which are actually bio-identical to estriol a real estrogen. It's been a year now and his breast have blossomed and his little clitcock has gotten even smaller and remains soft now. He loves his new role as cleanup man for my bulls now.

I am looking for other sissies now to feminize permanently as this was so much fun watching his manhood disintigrate. If any sissies are serious about becoming feminized for me please contact me at and I will help you eradicate your manhood. You will grow perky cute sissy breasts for me and worship and obey me in return!

Love Always,
Mistress Ranya
housewife11801 housewife11801 41-45, F 91 Responses Apr 5, 2011

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Hm, would love to be feminized by a loving woman into something less of a man, on natural hormones, 36a,34,38

I would love you to feminize me please

Wish i could find a woman to transform me intoa huge breasted sissy

I want to be a sissy. I want to become a woman in every way except to keep my little limp shameful manclit... Which I hope will become nothing more than a boiclit. I want to service and be forced into the only world in which I belong. My email is and I live in the southeast Houston, Texas area.

I would love to be permanently feminine :)

Hello this Is Jenny and I have a sissy ex-boy friend that would love to have bigger breast's. So what is the best that actually works.

have him go to an endoconoligest to get a prescription for enderal and a testrone blocker

please feminize me, i will worship and obey you Mistress Ranya

Greetings Mystress Ranya. if your offer is still valid please, by all means let me know.

please Mistress Ranya help me i would surrender to you fully for this all of it

Could someone suggest how to feminize myself without becoming impotent ?

Hi there! After some digging on the internet I have found out that isoflavones may do the trick. Isoflavones are phytoestrogens. The most potent phytoestrogens. They are almost as potent as estradiol the most powerful human estrogen. Red clover is so rich in isoflavones that the bulls that ate high amounts of isoflavones were less fertile but not impotent, The decreased fertility is also reversible, You just have to reduce your intake of isoflavones for a month or two and your ***** count will increase again. You can find red clover pills in pharmacies as pills for women who experience hot flashes. You may also want to block testosterone. The herbs that do that are mint and licorice. Also green tea can block testosterone. Licorice both blocks testosterone and gives you phytoestrogens, While these estrogens compete to hormonal receptors with testosterone they. testosterone blockers can help you even more, Last but not least a high intake of soy, especially soy milk may help you develop breasts and feminize yourself while still being able to have an errection, but you will need to drink lots and I mean lots of soy milk for that. You can also massage progesterone cream on your chest to help you with breasts. However if youtake drug estrogens and drug testosterone inhibitors you may want to avois herbs as they are counter productive in this case. And finally plant estrogens also have antioxidant abilities. That is why asians and native americans look so feminine, younger and have so few bodyhair and weak beards compared to white males. They only take small amounts of plant estrogens in the form of spices. Monks take higher amounts of plant estrogens in the form of tea in order to lower their sex drives and they are even healthier. So I recommend mother nature medicine instead of steroids but it is your choice. Hope it will help you and happy feminizing. I am new to this natural approach myself and I hope it will work for me too. Best wishes!

Hi, maybe my answer comes in late, but i would love to become a feminized sissy... , of course i expect my member to become tiny and limp forever, on the other hand id love to grow a gigantic pair of breasts, this of course if you agree, as a sissy i wont have the right to ask too much, but only to listen and obey ..
thanks for reading my message

would love you to feminize me

That sounds great for you, but whats in it for me?

I would love to become a girl with huge boobs!

i would love to find a woman to feminze me

Oooh this sounds great. My name is Jenny and I would luv to have my sissy grow his own breasts.

I envy your husband. I would love to be feminized like that

I love the idea of being feminized by you. In me you would have a very devoted servant, as well as an interesting conversationalist and musician.

I'd very much love full feminaztion see my man hood diminish for good

i have had thoughts about trying thoughts on these. if i do go through and try to grow my breasts more i don't want to mess up things down stairs im a good size and i would prefer to keep it that way or get even bigger. i guess thoughts about trying products like this come from role playing as a busty endowed herm on second life a lot.

another thought i had had was trying to use a breast pump. you know something like this my under standing is if one uses a breast pump like this regularly they would eventually start producing milk which would lead to growth

I've posted a story about my breast pump fetish. Other than relatively miniscule nipple puffing and temporary, very slight, limited breast enlargement, the main thing I like about it is the stimulation. My nipples are sensitive.

I've had fluid discharge only from PM, not from my breast pump. But now that I have real mammary glands thanks to PM, I suppose it might be possible to start lactation. Hmmm. Sounds like a fun project...

PM has given me definite gynecomastia where there was nothing before. I did cut back my dosage when I noticed "downstairs" changes, but you would need a much stronger dosage to really shrink genitals. (My dose was about 1000 mg/day; I've seen up to 5,000 mg/day recommended for transition. I cut back from a peak of 1,800 mg/day. Now trying to find a magic "stable" dose circa 100-250 mg/day because I'm not ready to have them be obvious. Fwiw, I use Ainterol brand, and I believe it's now available at Amazon.)

Why not. If your really a transgender person, I would think u would want to show off a rack of breasts.

Bobbylee: Ouch. I feel a little hurt by your challenge to my sincere statement about how I feel. Gender and body identity is a spectrum, not always constant from one moment to the next, and not always best described by labels, even the most modern ones, like "trans". At least that's the way it seems to me.

(Fwiw, psychologists say that when we guess other people's intentions, we're wrong about 80-90% of the time.)

I'm happy that you seem happy as you are. May I ask the same from you?

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im in my 20s i don't think of my self as a sissy but im more than little interested in growing breasts and i think i have already started to grow some

Congrats on your new beginnings. Breast wishes.

If you search on line for herbs that grow breasts, you will find several. Saw palmetto,
Black Cohurst and Wild yam ore the best ones. If you can find herbs in the liquid form, they will absorb into the body faster and you wont have to take so many pills.

i would love to have boobs and be feminized


I am open to almost anything. Been wanting some big breasts for some time now---think about it all the time and am almost getting desperate now. Willing to give a try to most anything---this is becoming a burning desire for me!
Thanks for any help!

Below is herbs that work well & also get a breast pump to make them bigger.
If you search on line for herbs that grow breasts, you will find several. Saw palmetto,
Black Cohurst and Wild yam ore the best ones. If you can find herbs in the liquid form, they will absorb into the body faster and you wont have to take so many pills.

i have been looking for you all my life.. donald

I would so luv to be turned into a cuckold, crossdressed, chaste, sissy

Always had weird dreams being with dominant female. Who secretly turning me into a shemale . Then go further to get complete sex change

right here

How can I grow my boobs bigger in few months pl suggest iam just 26 years n going to get married... he love big boobs as I knew this b y talking to him one day since then I wana grow them real big

Try fenugeek orally and as a cream to rum on brest

I also want increase husband breast size up to cc cup size. Can you help me for this. He is 40 years old and flat chest. You can email me

I'd like to get something to help me grow mine.I'm an older gent that wants to become sissified and would love to have to wear a bra all the time.Can you help???Please????Thanks in advance!

I can help you.

Could you please help me if possible