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Like many men on here, I've alwasy been enamored with female breasts and secretly wanted to grow my own. About two and half years ago I came upon several sites with sections or wholly devoted to men growing female appearing breasts. The most commonly used method on those sites is using herbs to cause breast enlargement. Some commonly recommended herbs are pretty useless, but one was more effective than I imagined--pueraria mirifica.

I began using it in the spring or summer of 2010 and be 2011 I had very palpable breast buds under my nipples, enlarged nipples and other more feminine changes, but mostly it got me really wanting to try to grow real breasts.

In the fall of 2011 I took the plunge (after considerable and lengthy research) and purchased estradiol patches. I began to use the patches in Oct 2011 along with the last of the pueraria mirifica powder I had. By December I had switched to injectable estradiol and have been injecting myself once a week since that time.

I now have solid 38b's, or at least I fill all my 38b bras. I can no longer go braless if I dont want them noticed (and yes, sadly there are parts of my life in which I still need to be stealthy about having breasts). I love how sensitive and big my nipples are now, but like most women, they stick out all the time, lol. With the right sports bra or shapewear top I can still wear t-shirts.

For those that will almost certainly ask: yes I can still get erections and have sex, but ******* are now mostly dry as my testicles have pretty much stopped working. ******* take much longer to achieve, but the flip side of that is I can edge or maintain my erection for a REALLY long time now, and at my age, who the hell needs ***** anyway?!

Be careful what you wish for gentlemen, estrogen is a very powerful hormone and changes your mind as well as your body, and not just by growing boobs. I don't know if I can stop taking it at this point, as the last time I tried, I got severe hot flashes and felt horrible until I finally took another dose. It's almost like I NEED it now to feel normal. 

Here's a few photos to show you where I am now.

Some more recent photos  to consider:

More photos from 09/2013:

chrishoney chrishoney 51-55, T 31 Responses Sep 16, 2012

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Love your breasts please correspond with me, Kelvin

such lovely views there if I may ask what size bra do you wear

It depends on the style and brand of bra. I have a DKNY 38B underwire bra I fill completely, but a Calvin Kline unlined underwire 36B bra that still has loose fabric in the cups. If all bras were sized the same as the DKNY 38B I should need a 36C in the Calvin Kline style. And just to make it all the more maddening, in some brands a 36 band size is too tight, but really comfy in others. Anyway I'm in the 36B or 38A/B range.

Mine are as big as yours and I haven't taken anything, but your nipples are gorgeous, I don't want to take estradiol but I am definitely trying to make them bigger. I also what to buy bras but I am much to nervous!!! has tons of info for us on estrogen AND one possibility happening is "anterior pelvic shift" where the top rocks forward/the bottom rocks rearward which is a decidedly female turn of events!

I'm interested in your mind changes as well as your phyisical which from the pictures are obviously terrific :-)
Did you find mood changes, positive/negative?

I experimented with Estradiol for a few months and found my mood changes were positive in that I had a less agressive stance towards some things that used to wind me up. I dropped the treatment because of erectile issues during love making and moved over to a topical cream to maintain the look without the droopy apendage issue.

My boobs are not particularly feminine although my long term (female) partner likes them. I have a much more positive approach to hers than I used to before. It is very helpful to have a partner that both understands and encourages and I consider myself very fortunate in that respect.

What I do find odd is that we were recently on holiday and round the pool I would say that 15-20% of men had quite large moobs with some very noticably feminine in shape. I think that the vast majority of them belonged to men 50+ who were a bit to very over weight. I wonder what the response from other pool users would be if they knew that mine were deliberate. I suspect there would have been a fair amount of disdain. If only people could view differences as being positive not something to be seen as a miscreant!!!

I had similar experiences to you with estradiol, except that I have found it very hard to stop taking it, since I not only enjoy the changes so much, but I just don't want to go back to the old me (psychologically speaking.) Estradiol has very much changed how I think, how I react to stressful situations, how I feel and how I express myself.

I am much less prone to angry outbursts and find it much easier to just let things go that before would have made me very angry, even if I didn't outwardly reveal how I was feeling. However, the more likely scenario would have been that I would get overly angry (often out of proportion to the supposed insult), with some kind of verbal lashing out. Now, I find that happening much much less. I also cry much more easily at the emotional parts of movies, TV shows and sometimes a well crafted commercial. I enjoy what I would have called 'chick films' in ways I never imagined before and usually cry right along with my partner.

I also have some issues with my "droopy appendage" and am grateful my partner is very understanding. Viagra or Cialis can help a lot with that problem, but to make up for my lack of performance, I have gotten much better with my fingers and mouth so that now my female partner prefers me give her oral sex. Like your partner, she likes my breasts and is very willing to stimulate me that way. I was finally able to have an ****** from just nipple/breast play one night because of her ministrations. That was quite intense, but she was/is dismayed by the lack of *********. I would say that at least 30 to 50% of my ******* have very little to no *********, and that I can achieve ****** maybe 40 to 50% of the times we have sex. As far as desire goes, I have to make a special effort to get in the mood, as I basically have a very low sex drive at this point. Frankly I'm grateful for that as I used to ********** at least once a day if not more for years, perhaps decades. Before I started taking pueraria mirifica then estradiol, I had an addiction to internet **** and compulsive ************. But not now! I never wake up with morning wood at this point, nor do I get spontaneous erections during the day the way I used to.

Since we are all used to thinking that male satisfaction depends on ***********, this has been a little hard for her to understand--that I love what she's doing to/for me, that it feels at least as good if not better than penetrative sex and my lack of *********** has nothing whatsoever to do with her performance during sex. ON the other hand, without ***********, I can stay hard for more than a half hour with the right stimulation.

That's a lot for now, but I'm happy to continue the conversation if there's interest.

Fantastic! You have very lovely breasts. I'm currently taking finasteride for bph and have some growth but wish to up the ante. What dose are you taking? I was thinking of starting with weekly 10 mg (= 1ml=1vial) each week. I've read that signs of growth--itching, tingling--occur in the first week or so. Was this your experience?

Start with a single weekly injection (10 mg = 1 vial). I have been on that dosage almost two years now. I doubt you will see signs of growth within a week. It will more likely take a month or two or three for that to start, but don't despair. It will happen, you just need to be patient.

What a fantastic look! I have to look like this myself!

how much do you show when you are dressed as a man

I can hide them but I have to wear as bra under a shape wear tank top. If I wear the 'wrong' kind of bra or even nothing under a shirt, my breasts are quite visible as exactly what they are, female shaped breasts.

I am jealous I started to grow my breasts at xmas. Yours look fantastic and your nipples are wonderful. Thanks for the pictures

omg you are an inspiration

Love the terrific full body pic - your balls shrink? Estrogen is doing you proud, your bodys looking delisciously femme. (except for that dicklet) Are your upper bod muscles now as girly soft as the pic suggests?

Yes, my balls have shrunk considerably, to the point they no longer even hang down. Thanks for the compliments.

Mine also have shrunk and are squishy. Mens pants don't fit me well and womans do because my hips and bum have changed quite a bit. Let me know more about your trip if you have time.

I have had similar experiences with pants and slacks as well. For men's pants to even button I have to go up two sizes but then the actual waist is too large. My balls are maybe ¼ the size they used to be and very squishy as well. I'm pretty sure they're non-functional now.

Chrishoney, Do you have more recent photos? I cannot get enough of your transformation.


you have such lovely breast please tell me more on how you got them

I take estradiol--I think that's pretty clear in the experience above.

Mine are 40 B but recently began using herbs again as a friend wants me to grow to C

Terrific job! I'm on PM sporadically, trying to control the pace of growth. I'm also on an antiandrogen for my enlarged prostate, which leaves a more open field for my phytoestrogens. I'm getting close to a B cup.

My experience with PM was that it worked best if I was on it pretty constantly. Good luck.

Wonderful. Mine are growing too but not nearly as bountiful as yours. I started late at age 71 and it has been 15 months. I dream to achieve the same look. Thanks for the post.

Love'em - and the tattletale Bra marks under your breasts!
Your size is a bit more than my A's but I'm getting big enough that remarks are made by my unsuspecting wife. (I blame them on my prescription meds)
I could never give myself injections -but- 2mg of sublingual Progynova and 100mg Spirotone twice daily seem to be doing the job.

i am 38 years old and want to increase my breast size like you. suggest me what can i do.

You need to do your research, but if you are serious you should look into taking estradiol. Of course I cannot tell you what to do and if it will be safe for you in your given situation. You can see the results for me and judge for yourself.

OMG! your breasts are gorgeous. Love how feminine and delicious your nipples look.

Thanks. I love how feminine they are too.

Gorgeous puppies....Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

in the more recent photos you have feminine sized nipples, did that come from the hormones or did you use a snake bite kit like most suggest?

That's pretty much all from the hormones. Certainly the enlargement of the areola is all from the hormones. I have used supple nips in the past, but it's literally been a couple years since I used them on regular basis.

i think your breasts are the first i have come across that haven't a female areola along with a small male sized nipple, i have come across alot of posts where the breast grows along with the areola and yet no nipple change. ... regardless your doing very well and good luck on your journey

Go to a tanning booth while wearing a bra -- so you'll get tan lines!

And then, go to the pool or beach in a man's bathing suit and get some reactions from people!

love the shape you look great

you look great, hope I can match your growth in the next two years

good for you hun!

Lucky you

I bet you feel so femme

Your breasts look nice, I do not Think you need to grow them bigger. Can you try to reduce the size of your injections and still feel OK? Do you get a feeling for wanting a **** to come on your breasts.

Mine look similar with only the pueraria mirifica.

Awesome! I really liked PM when I took it. Guess i was just a little impatient. LOL So, write a story and post some pics; let us see your handiwork.

I have grown full B cups also and theyare not hideable

Depends on what you wear obviously, but I beg to differ. I believe I am able to hide mine still. To each his own.

Well, it's in the story: injectable estradiol in the form of extradiol valerate, trade name = Progynon Depot. Even if you want them bigger, which I understand, don't think taking a higher dosage of estradiol will help that. It won't. But it will put you at significantly increased risk for stroke or cardio-pulmonary events. Do your research and just be PATIENT.

can i buy it over the counter

no, you need to order it online from an off-shore pharmacy or get a script