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My Wife Wants Me To Grow Breasts

We are a late 30's early 40's happily married couple. I have been an on & off cross dresser pretty much all my life.

My wife likes me wearing female clothes as she says I am a lot more relaxed & even tempered when "dressed" - She buys me clothes & shoes & I dress around the house often.

However, recently she has been pushing me to start herbal remedies to actually grow breasts. We have done a fair bit of research & it seems like it can be done but, it is a pretty permanent thing. The idea of having breasts is a turn on for both of us but it is a big commitment.

What do you guys think I should do? Go for it or tell her no.
JBFL22 JBFL22 46-50, M 13 Responses May 14, 2013

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do it I love mine and want much bigger...

your breast will not grow over night. If you use natureday cream it will take few months before it can reach to size A.
It is fun to have small breast. you are lucky that your wife supports you.I will my wife will support me .
Kanti KD

I think the possibility of you and your wife enjoying them together would be enough for me to start growing them. I have just started to see results from herbals and I love them already. I love my wife to suck on them, really gets me going. I love wearing her bra after she gets home also. I usually get her panties she has worn all day as well: a super turn on for both of us.

First I think its wonderful you have your wifes support, wish I could say the same. Question: Is it important to retain your male sexual function. Do you want just breasts or more femininity ? Personally I have little faith In hormones, Real hormones are available from over seas, inexpensive and no script needed. I have wonderful very sensitive B cup breasts. Huggzz Jean Marie

Go for it, you will both enjoy them....

Go for it! Mine are real and natural and my wife loves them

Oh, you're already dressing in women's clothes, and herbal supplements are very slow, and may not even work for you. It's really not what we think that matters, but how you feel about it. Can you live with it? You've seen man boobs before. Most of them probably don't consider them breasts at all.

That's great dear and with your wife's support on you growing breasts I would say go for it. As for doing it with herbs, some have had success with them, but some haven't. Of course I would recommend going to your doctor and getting a prescription. Then there is no doubt they will work and also that they won't possible hurt you. That is what I did.
Yes, feminizing your body and growing your own breasts is a big commitment and yes it makes a permanent change, but if you are like me you'll embrace it ... I definitely do and so does my wife.

Seems to me that having boobs is a dream for most of us cross dressers. Your wife is on board with it so I would jump all over that. Herbs work for some and not for others. I would consider implants.

With herbs, you can regulate how much you loose in manhood, also the size of your breast's. Where as, with hormones, it's pretty much up to genetics..... So, if you Mom or Sister's have big breast's, there is a good chance you will as well on hormones.

I would do it. If your wife is supportive, then it is a dream come true!

Thanks for the response biswitch. I do not have a problem on having "breasts" as we work from home etc. I think I am not ready to see a doctor about HRT as that for me is a giant step.

most over the counter herbal supplements will have only limited results. Small **** are fun & relatively easy to conceal.

To go full out & get Dr's script HRT you need to decide if you can endure the social & workplace dilemma

More estrogen will effect your outlook & virility