Japanese Red Maples

We have a pair of Japanese Red Maples growing in our front yard and this year my wife decided to try her hand at raising some from seeds.

Last fall she managed to pull almost 300 seeds from the trees and she stored them in the refridgerator in bags of sphagnum moss.  When we checked on them a couple of weeks ago, several dozen had begun to sprout.  We went to the Home Depot and bought those little seed starter kits and now we have over 100 seedlings that have sprouted.  Most of them are bound for use in our yard, her father's yard, and some friends' yards, but I snagged a handful that will someday become bonsai trees.

My next step is to let the little buggers grow for about 2 years.

*Sigh* Patience has never been my thing!

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36-40, M
Feb 24, 2010