If Only ...

Well, I'll risk approaching this from the deviant side. I've had the fantasy of growing breast and feeling what it would be like to be a girl. Not that it is a gender identity issue, I just wonder what sensuality is like from the other size. And it doesn't help that I have fairly sensitive nipples for a guy.

What would it be like to have large, generous breast, wrapped up, waiting to be freed, to be caressed and felt? Heavy softness to be shared with someone close and intimate. What would it be like to nurse someone?

Breast are great, and more of a good thing can't be all bad. Right?
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

I understand having my own pair i love them. I have very sensitive nipples and enjoy putting them out to be seen. I enjoy the feel of fabrick rubbing me, when my nipples get hard i does not make me angry to see some one looking at my nipples then to rearange the package. I do play with them because i am trying to enjoy breastfeeeding with them. Over all i love having large breast.

I have gone from flat to filling a 38B bra completely. However with the estrogen they grow up to a A cup and stopped there. I then had small implants put in to bring them up to a full B cup. Now I am a male with a nice set of tities, and wear a bra and panties all the time.

You are very lucky.

I have grown my own and even though my breast aren't large (fill a B-cup fully, thank you) I love the look and feel, especially the sensitivity of my nipples.

I would love to have breasts.

Well unless you have a medical condition that precludes it, dear, there is no reason you can't have breasts too! I to wanted to have breast so with my wife's support and encouragement I went to our doctor, had a simple blood test to assure that I didn't have a medical condition, got a script, and started HRT. Now I have, like I said before, grown my own! ;-)

I truly believe most guys would love to have boobs.

I would love to have breasts and rounded curves etc!