I Feel Like I've Lost My Spirituality

i used to be a christian, but i have found that my life conflicts too much with that religions "rules."  i live with my boyfriend, i enjoy sex, and may even be bisexual.  i need spirituality in some form, and i feel like i have lost it, and therefore, lost a huge chunk of myself
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The way to God is described as narrow and difficult to find. we could never discover that path on our own, without the help of Jesus Christ. Matthew 7:13 says “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. If there is a void in your life try god.!

An update? Well, i feel a little more connected thanks to expressive art, but I'm still not as connected as I want to be. I dont think Christianity is for me at all anymore. I'm sure something will come along though.

I know this is an old post - how is it coming along? Any spiritual updates for us?<br />
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To add my two cents: there are liberal Christian denominations that don't preach against premarital sex or same-sex attraction. For instance, there are liberal Episcopal churches, as well as the United Church of Christ. <br />
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If that still doesn't fit you, there are plenty of other religions/spiritualities that you can look into. I myself am most influenced by Unitarian Universalism, Gnosticism, Druidry, and Zen Buddhism.

That tardy dodo is so right.

There are many other places to find spirituality that are not organised religion, and many places to find spirituality that are not religious at all. If you are looking for deeper meaning and connection that has nothing to do with artificial and irrelevant *rules*, spend time with the natural world, and open your heart to everything that is there. You might be surprised :)

aia feel su like you do that I have wrote about it in one of my stories. We feel like that because were meant to, I am more convinced now since reading your page that we have let our spirit guide move away from us, we can only earn it back if we mean it. xx